February & March: Read & Remembered


*The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami. I leave a note for myself to “write something about the mishmash.” A month later, I don’t understand this note, nor can I generate much about my experience reading it. It did, however, bring me to that place, a place novels rarely map me towards.

Poetry and Drama

*The Silver Book, by Jen Bervin. The first (!) chapbook I read this year, and the first chapbook I love. A thoughtful review here.

*”Romeo & Juliet,” by William Shakespeare. My first time teaching this text, although I was not too satisfied about the experience my students underwent. They struggled with the basic language, never mind the more figurative material, and I do not think they left equipped with the ability to decipher texts like this in the future. However, some strong changes for next year are being planned.


*The Illusionist: later that evening, the film provoked a nice conversation between D and I about magic, cynicism, and the film’s overt agenda. A thoughtful kitchen table conversation, what more could we ask from the movies?


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